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Shark Bay used to be idyllic with knee deep, extremely flat water. This makes an ideal practice ground for kite surfers at all levels. Once our students completed the 3 day course and have received their IKO member card, we went Shark Bay to aid progression.

Over the years the beach has become extremely narrow with high tide, creating chaos, tangled lines, unsafe launching and landing areas. Idyllic days can still be found, you'll only have to time it right, when there are no tourists or low-tide.

Langebaan Lagoon used to be the ideal location to learn how to kitesurf. Main Beach, is a wide beach with golden sands and shallow, flat water. Due to the Venturi effect between the town and mountains, there is constant wind which creates perfect teaching conditions. Maybe you find a perfect day with no visitors, but due to extremely overcrowded kiteschools of safety support and kiteschool regulations the location has become dangerous and not the right location to learn kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is about freedom and that is something you definitely wont experience at the Main Beach.

The wind as shown on this forecast is merely a predictor. When using [SUPERFORECAST] on, the wind prediction increases tremendously. This is the forecast we usually work with in the school.

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